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Commercial & Industrial Roofing (new)

Specialising in commercial and industrial roofing, Kiwi Roofing has completed some of the largest roof structures in the country. We provide a detailed scope of work and allowances so there are no unexpected costs.

Commercial Skylight Replacements

Translucent roof sheets or skylights provide natural lighting in a commercial building and help lower energy consumption through minimising the need to operate lighting during the day.  Light transmission through the skylight will diminish the older a building is or if regular cleaning has not been undertaken and eventually will require replacement.

How do you know when your skylights need replacing?

  • Are the skylights more than 15 years old?
  • Do you need to have the lights on during the day to provide enough light to work in?
  • Do the skylights leak after it rains?

If “Yes” is your answer to any of these questions, then it may be time to replace the skylights.  Kiwi Roofing can provide a solution that will take into consideration the building use, fire engineering compliance, safety and cause the least amount of disruption to your business or your tenant.

Re-roofing Commercial and Industrial

Modern roofing products today have significantly greater life expectancy compared to older products however all products have a life cycle and at some point, a roof will need to be replaced. Disruption to your business or your tenants through water ingress, can be costly resulting in stock loss, production downtime and is a significant safety hazard. Kiwi Roofing can provide you a solution that will take into consideration the building use, fire engineering compliance, safety and cause the least amount of disruption to your business or your tenant.

Insulated Roof & Cladding Systems

Over recent years businesses or tenants are demanding more energy efficient buildings to minimise energy consumption and insulated roof and cladding systems are becoming more common. Increasingly theses designs are becoming more specialised and Kiwi Roofing established Insulated Panels Systems to provide the market proven systems that have been engineered to provide optimal durability and thermal performance.

Membrane Roofing

Most buildings incorporate some form of waterproofing membrane whether an internal gutter or roof area. We provided one solution for the client, one less trade to coordinate and a hassle-free experience in the unlikely event of a leak occurring as you only have to call one person.

Seismic Expansion Joints

Seismic expansion joins are an integral part of a buildings design. Integrating a seismic expansion joint with the building envelope namely the roof or wall cladding system requires specialist knowledge and training. Kiwi Roofing recognised that it was important to provide clients with a one stop solution and a system that performs as it is critical to keeping out the elements providing peace of mind to clients. Kiwi Roofing are WABO® Factory Trained Applicators.

Roof Access and Walkways Systems

Damage due to foot traffic over the life of the roof can be substantial and potentially reduce the life expectancy of your roof and lead to costly repairs. A customised access and walkway system is fundamental to protecting your roof from damage due to foot traffic over its life and provides safe access for service technicians when servicing plant and equipment mounted on the roof.

Repairs and Maintenance

Unfortunately, it is all too common to find substandard work to many services or installations after construction. Often resulting in leaks and damage to the interior of a building resulting in costly repairs. Ensuring that any additional services installed on the roof, maintenance or repair work is done correctly is paramount to maintaining the weathertightness of your roof. Kiwi Roofing can provide you with ongoing service and repairs long after our Workmanship Guarantee has ended.

Roof Assessment and Condition Reports

Having issues with your roof and keeping out the water? Kiwi Roofing will carry out a thorough inspection of your roof and prepare a comprehensive report detailing the condition of the roof, skylights, gutter, flashings and ventilation or service penetrations.

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