SmartDek-710® is the ultimate high performance concealed clip profile. The first roofing profile in NZ that can be roll formed onsite directly from the ground to roof, allowing lengths of up to 100m and removing the requirement for cranes onsite.

Engineered for large span capacity and water carrying volume SmartDek-710 is specifically designed for long sheet installations. With no holes in the roof and reduced maintenance the system durability is increased and lifecycle costs greatly decreased. SmartDek-710® was developed as the ideal platform for solar farm installation due to the highly trafficable rib design and a ‘no penetration’ panel clip fixing system.

SmartDek-710® is supplied as a complete roofing solution with DRIPSTOP factory applied to the underside of the sheet. DRIPSTOP controls condensation in uninsulated roofs removing the requirement for a separate roofing underlay. When installed as a system the roofing installation program can be significantly reduced, making it the fastest install solution available. DRIPSTOP also has the added benefit of reducing internal rain noise.

Kiwi Roofing SmartDek
Key Benefits
Zero Penetration Installation

The heavy duty, fibre reinforced nylon clip system provides the ultimate in holding strength under wind load. Not penetrating the roofing sheet ensures long term performance and durability even in areas of high thermal movement.

Solar-Ready Roof

SmartDek-710 is engineered for span strength and walkability minimising risk of damage during solar installation and servicing. Locally designed roof mounts hold solar panels and equipment securely in place without penetrating the roof system.

Product Stewardship Policy

Kiwi Roofing Ltd is committed to our social and environmental responsibility and in conjunction with our supply partners we aim to recycle SmartDek-710 at the end of its lifecycle.  Below is a link to our Product Stewardship Policy.

Roll to Roof Site Manufacture

Roll forming onsite allows sheet lengths of up to 100m which simplifies building design and reduces installation and transportation costs.

Integrated Condensation Protection.

The integrated felt layer replaces building paper to protect against condensation while also reducing noise caused by rain and hail.

10yr Workmanship Guarantee

This durable and high performance commercial and industrial roofing system is backed by an extended 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee.

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